Female Founders Forum

University of North Florida

03.08.19 | 10am-2pm


Ashley Wong Tsui founded Gemnote in 2015 to help companies with their 2 biggest problems: recruiting top talent and acquiring customers.

The startup creates unforgettable experiences through sending premium, customized gifts through an API, so businesses can recognize and appreciate their employees, which is the #1 most important factor for employee happiness. Their software scales the personal touch for businesses and Gemnote's clients continue to top the lists for Best Places to Work, including Airbnb, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Slack and more.

The company has shipped over a million gifts to 54 countries since it was founded.

Tsui went through Y Combinator as one of the only non-technical, solo female founders and is a huge advocate for minorities in entertainment and females in tech.

Ashley Wong, Founder, Gemnote

Ashley Wong, Founder, Gemnote

Pricing for F3 is $55 and will increase Feb. 1st

  • Female Founders Forum (F3) is an exclusive annual event to motivate and improve the skills of female founders.

  • The goal of F3 is to attract and inspire more women to become entrepreneurs and learn how to build sustainable businesses.

  • The sessions are highly interactive and fully immersive and allow for participants to exchange ideas and share best practices.