GlobalJax at PS27: Growing Youth Entrepreneurship


Since the start of the Iraq war, unemployment for young people has reach 40-50%. The US Embassy in Baghdad is working with the U.N. to bring some incredible young leaders to the U.S. for a project to help them grow the number of jobs in their communities. As part of this effort, PS27 Ventures was a part of a local program that will give these young leaders exposure to new ideas and give them a better sense of the challenges of starting their own businesses.

This Couple Of 6 Years Are Blended Partners In Business & In Love


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Love is patient. Love is kind. And for many of us in relationships, love can be a delicate blend of ups and downs. Such is the case for Harvey and Casey Kelley.

Having known each other since high school, the two were unknowingly living in the same city around the same time and later reconnected via FaceBook. Harvey was a grant program coordinator through the school system and Casey was a consumer product goods professional and later moved from Atlanta to Jacksonville, Florida after she was unfortunately laid off from Coca-Cola. And it was there that they were dealt the hefty task of trying to meld their new huge (think, five girls and two boys kind of huge) family.

And it's arguably that very task that led them and strengthened their bond to build both in love and in their professional lives. Now serving as entrepreneurs to their own business, aptly named Blended Designs, the two have found a way to bring the story of their lives and passion to inspire into the forefront. Serving as a premium backpack and travel bag, Casey tells me that their mission is to elevate, empower, and educate people of color. And in response to the lack of representation of characters of color in the backpack industry, their endeavor thus found a much bigger purpose. Read the full story here.

Docity Tackles Healthy Hotels


Docity is partnering with hotels and resorts across the country to offer a concierge health and wellness application that extends the exam room to the guest room. Docity is in negotiations with HCN, a hotel guest room tablet provider to pilot the first ever program of this kind.

The service components are really simple, and, in fact, even simpler than traditional telehealth. The average revenue ranges from $0.06 to $0.15 per occupied room per night. That means we get to fill a need, and the margins aren't half bad, either. Learn more about Docity here.

FreshJax Pitches to Shark Tank ABC


FreshJax CEO and Founder, Jason McDonald, pitched to Shark Tank ABC producers on Tuesday at the Jacksonville Urban League. With Farmers Market roots, a flare for creative everyday cooking, and a whole lot of love, Jason and Hillary, husband and wife co-founders, have been handcrafting gourmet organic spices and sharing simple, delicious recipes since 2011.

FreshJax is a small family business striving to handcraft the world's best organic spice blends.Stay tuned for updates and learn more about FreshJax at

PS27 Ventures at Renaissance Jax

Renaissance Jax is a non-profit dedicated to building and retaining talented, creative young people in Northeast Florida through opportunities involving FIRST Robotics, STEM education, and mentor-driven experiences. PS27 Ventures had the pleasure of meeting the students and listening to them pitch their ideas.

PS27 CEO, Jim Stallings, Rings NY Stock Exchange Opening Bell


Jim Stallings, PS27 Ventures Founder & CEO, rang the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange on Monday. Stallings sits on the board of UGI Corporation, who was celebrating their 90-year anniversary of being traded as a public company.

Blended Designs Seeks to Create Inclusive Products

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When doing research on character backpacks for her son, she found that of the 670 character backpacks on the market only two percent featured a child or character of color. With her new brandBlended DesignsCasey Kelley and her husband plan to change that percentage and encourage youth of color to be their best, academic selves. 

“If you’re not seeing positive images of yourself, how do you know that you can be successful?” said Kelley. “Unfortunately with the way the media portrays people of color, what you tend to see in order to be successful is to be in entertainment, in music, or an athlete.”

Blended Designs has created 10 characters that represent what the brand stands for. Kelley explained that in each of their bios, they possess academic qualities such as being a good student, and having goals of graduating college. 

“The overall goal of our company, our mission is to empower young people, and also to create more first generation college students,” stated Kelley. “If you’re a first generation college student, you’re able to break the cycle of poverty and create more [economic] wealth in the community.” 

To read the full article, click here.

How to Not Waste Money on SEO and Digital Marketing

Kristin Chambers founder of Meerkat Media reviewed the most effective and powerful techniques available for early stage companies to find customers and generate sales with the PS27 founders.

OnPay Solutions Named Fastest Growing Company on the First Coast

Jacksonville Business Journal has just named OnPay Solutions one of the Fastest Growing Companies on the First Coast. Congratulations Neal G. Anderson and Juliet Negrete Anderson!

For more than 25 years, the Jacksonville Business Journal has identified the fastest growing companies on the First Coast.

This list has tracked companies that boomed during the good times, that grew even when the economy shrank, that stand as an example of what ingenuity, hard work and creativity can lead to. To read the full article click here.