PS27 Leadership Week Highlights Video

“It started with 2 entrepreneurs at my dinner table, sharing lessons about leadership, we have grown every year since,” said Jim Stallings, CEO of PS27.

PS27 believes founder leadership skills account for 75% of startup success. Leadership Week was started to address the gap of trained startup founders and their teams. The Shark Tank pitch competition, during the week, provides an opportunity for early-stage teams to share their stories and show the skills they’ve learned during program. PS27 plans to continue to expand Leadership Week, especially international participation.

PS27 Leadership Week Day 4

Founders participate in “Speedy Services for Startups” where they are able to network and ask questions to service providers. Abel Bean Law, Hancock Whitney, Wilson Dutra, Montoya Financial Strategies, and Conceptual HR Solutions are among the subject matter experts in this session.

The morning session is followed by “Shark Tank” where 5 startups compete for a 5k cash prize. The day ends with “Leadership Week Finale & Keynote” with Anthony Jabbour, CEO of Black Knight Financial Services.

PS27 Leadership Week Day 3

Today, startup teams are learning “High Performance Team Building” with Dawn Lemasters, Professional Coach at Kesler & Company. The morning session is followed by “Founder Hall of Fame Lunch” with Quang Pham, CEO of Espero.

PS27 Leadership Week Day 2

Startups began the day with Leadership Lessons from the Front with Jim Stallings, CEO of PS27. Early-stage founders followed that session by learning to Effective Leadership Communication with Mark Vickers, CEO of Speaking is Selling.

PS27 Leadership Week Day 1

Startups kick-off PS27 Leadership Week with breakfast and a pop quiz. Hillary McDonald, Co-Founder, of FreshJax spoke to the class on Founder Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle. Jenna Waites, CEO of Waites Ventures spoke on Profitable Productivity.

Over lunch, the teams participated in an icebreaker activity. The day ended with Emotional Intelligence for Founders with Kelly Mannel, CEO at Image Partners.

Docity Health at the 2018 USCA Conference

On September 7th, Docity attended the 2018 USCA to demonstrate how our telehealth software can help with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS in Orlando, Fl.


Docity spent the weekend connecting with others working to make a difference and #FIGHTHIV. On Thursday night, we joined Stevi Atkins, Dionne Ziegler, Teresa Springer and others from the Wellness Services team located in Flint, MI.


HIV/AIDS has affected millions of people throughout multiple communities, but hitting hardest in poorer minority communities, as well as the LBGTQIA community. Docity telehealth software has so much potential to help prevent, diagnose and treat HIV - and we are so inspired to continue to help the cause. Read our blog below to find out more about how telehealth can help. Learn more about Docity at

Blended Designs Featured in Forbes

PS27 Company, Blended Designs, was featured in Forbes after attending a celebrity gifting lounge in honor of 2018 Emmys. With less than 2% of the more than 670 character backpacks out there including children of color, Blended Designs creates a line that fills that void. In 2017, their first year, they sold 6,300 bags, which totaled $250,000 in sales. Actress nominee Regina King bought 100 backpacks for her charity at yesterday’s event.  To read the full article click here.