It all started with an investment in a great idea. A passionate founder who wanted to make a difference by making healthy food easily accessible in the workplace.

Soon a stream of startups found their way to PS27 as excitement spread about what was unfolding. Founders were looking for feedback, support and guidance. They received candid insight that helped them learn, keep taking action, and succeed. 


- Attention to Detail          - Think Big

- Bias Toward Action          - Learn Continually

- Embrace Failure               - Empower Others

- Be Real                            - Remember Why



Jim Stallings

Ron Burgess

Brandon Gouthro
Research Analyst

Steve Sahd

Shannon LoGiudice
Finance & Admin

Rolanda Hayes
Finance Intern

Tony Cusato

Christine McFaul

Sam McIntire
Marketing Intern

 Team Portraits by Christine McFaul

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